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I’m Lisa Schoenberger and I am running to represent District 4 on the Douglas and Sarpy County Learning Community Coordinating Council. Learn more about my passion for supporting our outstanding educators, eleven unique and top-notch districts, and serving our community. I look forward to earning your vote.

Let’s get to work!

Early Childhood Education

Hundreds of well-crafted scientific studies done around the world have proven that early childhood programs are an investment in the social, cognitive and emotional health of our children, the future of our community. Not only is providing for the youngest members of our community the right thing to do, it’s a good investment. The Buffet Early Childhood Institute has found that every dollar invested in early childhood yields a $7 return. Expanding these programs and delivering them at scale for our communities is an exciting task for the Learning Community.

Community Connection

Citizens in Douglas and Sarpy counties care deeply about our schools and the success of our children. By establishing a foundation, the Learning Community is now poised to leverage the passion and generosity of our community to have a broad impact across all eleven districts. Armed with years of data on which programs have the potential for the greatest impact, the Learning Community is uniquely positioned as an attractive entity for philanthropic giving and can offer more programs to more students without increased taxpayer burden. Additionally, as a member of the local non-profit community, the Learning Community can quickly and effectively adapt to respond to unforeseen challenges, just as they have with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Educator Engagement

I believe that Douglas and Sarpy County have attracted the most creative, intelligent, adaptable and generous educators in the nation. Our teachers give their absolute best in service of our students and communities. I want to ensure that the Learning Community provides more opportunities for recognition of exemplary efforts and ingenuity, providing insight and training on adapting to an ever-changing classroom. I believe the Learning Community can facilitate working groups, connecting the best and most innovative teachers across the eleven districts to share best practices and new ideas can help achieve the ultimate aim of the Learning Community as well as help our districts in retaining the best of the best.

District 4 is located in Southwest Omaha and is bordered on the south by Harrison street, extends north to Parker Street, 168th Street to the West until just south of West Center Road and 222nd Street south of that point. It extends as far east as 102nd Street. Click the map for a more detailed view at the Douglas County Election Commission.

Meet Lisa

Lisa currently works as a healthcare marketing strategist in West Omaha. She and her husband, Corbin, a high school teacher in the Westside District 66 school district, moved to Millard in 2014 and have since welcomed two daughters, currently 3 and 1. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Journalism in Advertising and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys patronizing local Omaha restaurants, learning how to garden, and watching reruns of Parks & Recreation on Netflix.

Let’s Chat!

Have great ideas? I am committed to serving our community and ensuring that everyone has a voice in the future direction of the Learning Community. I am particularly interested in hearing from educators about how the Learning Community can fill in gaps in your classrooms or help you create an even more exemplary learning environment. To contact me, email lisaforlccc@gmail.com.